Steel Rule Dies

Steel Rule Dies are economical solutions for cutting tools. Sharples has years of experience, state of the art equipment, and the inventory to meet any industries needs. Whether your trimming gaskets, foam, medical products, honeycomb, plastics, paper, fabric, or rubber, Sharples is the number one choice for numerous industries. We offer multiple die bases: standard wood dieboards, clear plastics for clean room or alignment assistance, Rayform for stability or heat insulation, and aluminum for the ultimate heated die. "Bending all the Rules" is not just our slogan. We stock a huge inventory of knifing in multiple heights. All our CNC automated benders accommodate our vast array of inventory. We prioritize tolerance reporting and can supply, upon request, a QA Inspection report with a CNC probe or coordinate table depending on your unique requirements.

- Water jet cut ejection

- CNC bending .937 – 4” high

- Nicking inline

- QA Inspection reports available upon request

Cavities for aluminum fixtures Cavities for aluminum fixtures
Crease and cut Crease and cut
Die with feed thru plate Die with feed thru plate
Intricate and consistent Intricate and consistent
Medical clear die Medical clear die
Medical interlocking knives Medical interlocking knives
Rayform die with small detail Rayform die with small detail
Small knives Small knives

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.