Reverse Cutscore and Crease

Reverse cut score assists many aspects of a carton design. A re-closure of opening features protects the product from contamination by keeping the inner liner of the package closed. Reverse glue assist score helps adhesive bonding for a cartons such as microwave tray. Sharples can design tooling with a reverse crease or cut scores in either steel counters or phenolic counter, to ensure your reverse cut/crease has repeat success. Sharples can engineer the proper height of positive and negative cuts. The percentages of cuts can be dependent on the anvil height and width. Sharples can make custom anvils and custom reverse designs. Make-ready, as well as thin ejection rubber, is available upon request.

Counter with rev cuts Counter with rev cuts
Reverse cut CAD.jpg Reverse cut CAD.jpg
Reverse cut diagram profile Reverse cut diagram profile

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