Floating Steel Rule Dies

Through the result of shrinkage in the sheet as it progresses to the trim station, knives that are in a fixed position are more likely to produce an inconsistent trim register. Sharples’ multiple mounting options for floating and locating your die will assist in producing consistent parts throughout your mold layout. Floating dies, whether with a retainer or counterbored die base, will work well with the multiple locating options machined locators, laser-cut rings, milled pockets or cone locators. Sharples can help locate your formed parts and produce a consistent flange. Predicting shrinkage is based on layout, material and sheet progression. Every formed part and job can be different, having experience with different layouts and tooling options are what separates Sharples from our competitors.

Clamshell trim with locator Clamshell trim with locator
Custom Ring locator Custom Ring locator
Deep pocket Deep pocket
Die with locators and anvil Die with locators and anvil
Floating close trim Floating close trim
Locator with male feature Locator with male feature
Male cone locators Male cone locators
Milled pocket with aluminum retainer Milled pocket with aluminum retainer
Wood die with Aluminum retainer Wood die with Aluminum retainer

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.