Embossing Inline

Embossing complements carton design and really makes a statement for the end customer by providing a 3D effect on the package. Sharples has the solutions to aid in the tooling design to make your customers’ designs run with ease, providing solutions for alignment adjustment to print registration with on press solutions. Whether it is embossing in one pass or a separate two pass tool, Sharples can provide the tools that are easy to use and setup. Combining the use of the machined steel counters that can assist with male mounting below the cut level reducing draw and making repeat orders very fast to set up, saving valuable press time.

We have experience with Braille embossing standards and follow the standardization of the Dot Matrix format through ECMA Euro Braille standards (standards provided upon request). We understand the fabrication guidelines and technical requirements to create dots of Braille text that must be clearly perceptible by human touch.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions with unique tooling designs to work in conjunction with registration and other press ready tools. The result is beautiful packaging, smooth set up and ease of use.

- Pass embossing with zero – zero point registration

- Braille embossing – Marburg Medium Braille Cell Spacing

- Mounting 2 Pass Registration

- Thin Plate registration reducing draw on carton

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.