Press Ready Dies

Carton converters rely on our well-designed press ready dies. Our skilled CAD designers utilize software enhanced by Bobst power pack to design the best steel rule die to work in your press. Sharples designs the optimum pre-nicked and rubbered dies while keeping sheet progression in mind from tool to tool.

At Sharples, we understand the importance of stripping knife placement, balance knives, gripper finger location, and scribed text. We do utilize preset design features in our software in conjunction with our own customized settings per customer, allowing us to deliver tooling built to industry standards with our customers' personal preferences in mind. Our equipment is the best in the industry to provide dependable and consistent tooling to our customers. Sharples has the latest laser technology in the industry and well-trained operators that produce consistent kerf. We have the largest array of automated rule processors in the industry, allowing us to supply our customers the best in repeatability and accuracy from position to position. Our leading die makers have experience with carton design to use knifing techniques that help avoid natural nicks which can cause problems in stripping and blanking.

Let Sharples be your Press ready tooling partner.

- Options for different diebases, depending on your application

- Unique tooling designs in reverse cut, debossing, and embossing with registration guides

- Custom cut crease and perforation, any size and style

- CNC cut rubber offering benefits of reduced tonnage, increased press speeds and nick reduction

- Nicking inline for press ready dies that work seamless with stripping and blanking tooling

Combination die Combination die
Die nicked and rubbered Die nicked and rubbered
Die with ejection Die with ejection
Die _with phenolic and Dynamic stripper Die with phenolic and Dynamic stripper
Nicked die Nicked die
Rayform die with steel counter  Rayform die with steel counter
UV coated UV coated
With debossing With debossing

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.