Sharples can provide fully assembled stackers or components for Thermoformers. When manufacturing a stacker, Sharples takes into consideration the geometry of the finished piece and the overall layout. A stacker can be created with as little as a mold file and/or molded sheet. All parts are laser-cut, milled or waterjet cut depending on the material and the application. Sharples offers the ability to create stackers with an array of materials including aluminum, steel, wood and some plastics. In recent years Sharples has developed and manufactured components to work with robotic stackers such as End of Arm Tooling. We work closely with mold makers and industry leading Thermoform Machine Manufactures to understand our customers specifications and requirements.

- Count stackers

- Clean room alternatives

- Array of materials

Aluminum componenets  Aluminum componenets
Male fixturing food packaging Male fixturing food packaging
Male plugs to support part Male plugs to support part
Poly stacker  Poly stacker
Small Blister stacker  Small Blister stacker
Stacker for Sencorp  Stacker for Sencorp
Up stacker  Up stacker
Wood up stacker for OMG Wood up stacker for OMG

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.