Specialty Tools

Steel rule dies are an economical way to trim various materials and are utilized in assorted manufacturing applications. By choosing Sharples, you are choosing a diemaker with a depth of experience in a multitude of industries. For example, we understand the different requirements of a tight tolerance gasket die in comparison to a large bulky interior automotive job or the clearance required with a formed part. Our experience ranges from packaging, gaskets, electronics, foam, vinyl, and specialty diecutters.

All steel rule dies are made with laser-cut boards of wood, clear plastic, or Rayform. Laser-cutting ensures the accuracy of tooling. It is our policy to check the kerf of all lasered dieboards as they are cut, a kerf check at the laser and at final inspection are critical. We have multiple lasers and shifts to accommodate our customers demands.

Sharples offers automated bending for all aspects of diemaking from .937”-4” and 2pt to 6pt thick. CNC bending is the best process in the industry to provide dimensional stability and consistency throughout all cavities. Mix this capability with our seasoned craftsmen and you’ve got a successful combination. That is why Sharples “Bends all the Rules.”

Added services such as striker plates, backer plates, waterjet ejection, milled pockets, welding, brazing, and QA Inspection reports are available upon request.

Let Sharples be your diemaker of choice for all your steel rule tooling needs.

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.