Steel Counters

Produce ideal creases with the use of a steel counter. Most diecutters today utilize the 1mm thin plate in their presses, providing converters with a quick changeover and highly superior carton for their customer. Sharples can produce a steel counter that will help increase your press speeds, eliminate any marking on blanks and reduce the nicks required. Available in all hardnesses: Soft, Medium Hard and Hard. Sharples can accurately laser-cut and mill plates within the tightest tolerances possible. Reverse cuts and creases can also be incorporated into the plate design and die. Milled pockets for embossing permits ease in sheet movement and reduction of draw needed to emboss and helps to prevent rough cut edges. Sharples also offers simple registration techniques to help assist you in registration, greatly reducing set up time.

Combo rule reliefs Combo rule reliefs
Embossing clearance  Embossing clearance
Probe measures die crease to crease Probe measures die crease to crease
Rayform with steel counter Rayform with steel counter

  • Why Sharples?

    Sharples provides components or finished End of Arm Tooling for your packing needs.